In Building Cellular

Our mobile devices have become necessary business tools. Enterprises cannot function efficiently without successful indoor cellular coverage. As employees and customers, we expect reliable cell phone coverage when we enter a building. Are you at risk of losing key employees and business opportunities due to poor cell coverage in your building?

Here are five signs that your business could use a stronger cell signal:

  1. You have no cell signal on your phone while inside your building. Do you go from full bars to none when you enter your building? This can lead to frustrations while in the workplace and can cause inefficiencies.
  2. You drop calls in your building. Nothing is more irritating that repeatedly dropping important phone calls. And no one wants to spend their time wandering around the office searching for reception. This is a roadblock to people performing efficiently.
  3. You hear others complain that they cannot send or receive calls. When other employees or customers complain that they cannot use their phones inside, it’s a red flag that may signify a need for cellular repeaters.
  4. You notice large groups huddled outside of the building using their phones. If people are resorting to making phone calls in the parking lot, it may mean your enterprise needs to make some improvements.
  5. You have trouble sending pictures or other multimedia messages while inside your building. Sometimes phone calls work great but transferring data through the cell network does not.  Trouble sending attachments could mean that your cellular reception for data inside the building is not strong enough, even though you have great phone call reception.

Dependable cellular coverage in your building fosters operational efficiency. It improves the security and safety of employees. It also increases response time for critical calls and leads to satisfied staff and customers. In-building Cellular Repeater Systems are designed to enhance your cellular signal and give you uninterrupted service for your mobile devices anywhere in your building. The systems are comprised of several indoor antennas, connected by copper or fiber optic cable to a central brain.  That central brain, or repeater system, is strategically placed inside the building and connects to an antenna on the outside of the building that points at the nearest cellular tower in that neighborhood. This combination of antennas and repeater system boost the cellular signal inside the building, allowing for better reception no matter where you are in the building.

By implementing a DAS cellular repeater system, you eliminate the dreaded cell signal “dead spots” in your workplace, the dropped calls, and the frustration of time spent searching for a stronger signal. CC&N’s Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) team assesses the needs of your facility to provide signal strength throughout your entire environment. They will produce a custom design that ensures your lines of communication remain open at all times.