Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems

An ever-growing necessity for most hospitals, businesses, and universities. 

At CC&N, we are partnered with high-quality manufacturers to help provide you seamless end-to-end service. We are also certified to test, repair, replace, and troubleshoot systems. Which means fewer points of contact for your facility. CC&N keeps you safe in the simplest way possible. One contact from quote to maintenance. We’ve got you covered.

Service Overview

At CC&N, we’ve been experts in infrastructure since 1985, so we know how important it is for you to protect your investments.

Services Provided

  • Load Calculations
  • Expedited Install
  • Network Programing
  • One Point of Contact
  • Managed Services
  • Any Size UPS
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Power Continuity Services

Always there. Always on time. Always on budget.


We've Got Your Back

CC&N simplifies connections between people and technology. By drawing on our design, implementation, and management expertise from all of our product and services teams, we bring depth and a wide range of skills and resources. Our pool of knowledge allows us to address needs well beyond the span of other competitors or often beyond our customers’ internal implementation resources.

UPS Systems by Industry

The benefits of Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems reach far and wide across industries.


Healthcare facilities depend on continuous, uninterrupted electricity to run equipment that saves lives and protects vital electronic data. Reliable, constant electrical power is paramount to the operations of modern healthcare facilities. Even brief interruptions in power can be detrimental to patients in critical care or who are undergoing surgery.


Businesses depend on their data and it is vital to their customers, employees, as well as their own success, that data is protected. UPS's create one more shield against the worst-case-scenario and provide everyone with peace of mind.


Whether daycare or a university, educational institutions benefit from UPS Systems. They protect private information and research from power outages or brownouts, which could potentially result in losing years worth of data.


Power protection for your biggest investments-- UPS's for industrial facilities protect your equipment in the event of a power failure.

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