Five Tips for Adapting Infrastructure to Changing Technologies

The ever-advancing capabilities of technology offer enterprises new ways to increase efficiency and sustainability- if they are willing to build the necessary cabling infrastructure. The most successful companies will be those that use a comprehensive, integrated approach to planning and deploying their IT structure.

Connectivity Landscape – How to Adapt

Technological innovations have provided limitless possibility in the modern workspace, clearing a path for more efficient, productive, and fluid practices, allowing employees to work from anywhere. Agile workplaces increase employee productivity; more engaged employees can open the door to greater revenue. However, these advancements also increase the need for easy, reliable, and universal connectivity. The difficulty lies in creating an integrated plan for wired and wireless infrastructure solutions without adding complexity that would diminish its advantages.

  1. Start with an integrated plan. It is easy to regard connectivity challenges as a series of related but separate issues. However, dealing with each challenge individually can lead to complexity and redundancy which can diminish gains in efficiency. Working with one infrastructure provider can help to optimize your infrastructure.
  2. Your plan should be comprehensive. Your strategy should include both wireless and wired connectivity solutions, such as Wi-Fi, distributed antenna systems (DAS) supporting both cell phone and public safety communication systems.
  3. The plan should be simple. Complexity welcomes additional cost. A good system deployment will use cost-saving opportunities like modular design and the ability to share services across one physical infrastructure.
  4. It should offer flexibility. Taking a strategic view, more and more enterprises are investing in IT infrastructure with the capability to grow and adapt to new business needs as well as new technologies.
  5. Your plan should be reliably supported. Few enterprises have the expertise to plan and deploy their own wired and wireless infrastructure and therefore must rely on connectivity solution providers and technicians.

New technologies power greater efficiencies and more revenue opportunities. An integrated approach will provide smarter, faster, bandwidth-free services that will remain competitive in the short term while allowing room to evolve with your business and connectivity advancements over time. Taking the greatest advantage of an integrated approach begins with a solutions partner supported by trained, certified, reliable installers, and integrators. With 33 years of experience, CC&N is dedicated to superior quality, safe working practices, and absolute integrity in every aspect of our work.

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Source:, Smart Building Connectivity, Powering the Present – Empowering the Future, 2018