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At CC&N, we believe in simplifying the connections between people and technology.

Our integrated solutions allow you to access the most current and emerging business technology and products to support your business goals. CC&N offers a wide range of communication technologies that are critical to improving productivity, facilitating collaboration, reducing costs and increasing operational flexibility within your facility. CC&N’s expertise is entirely in-house; we’re available to support you from initial design, through implementation to ongoing maintenance.

Cable & Network Infrastructure

Cable infrastructure is the critical foundation for accessing cutting-edge communication tools and business applications. A physical cabling system that connects users to the devices and resources you rely on every day.

Wireless Network Design & Installation

The need for secure, fast, reliable and readily available wireless connectivity for video, voice, data, IoT, equipment, tools, and core business applications are driving the wireless network transformation.

Public Safety

During a crisis situation, First Responders need to be able to effectively communicate with one another to deescalate a situation and keep the public safe. Fast and reliable Radio Frequency (RF) signal connectivity is not just a luxury but is an imperative requirement for the safety of those in your facilities.

In-Building Cellular Repeaters

To successfully achieve indoor cellular coverage, cellular signals must be able to penetrate all areas inside of the building. Distributed antenna systems (DAS) allow for building occupants to access cellular wireless communication coverage indoors.

Enterprise Account Services

Personnel support services that offer a fresh, custom approach to onsite IT team support that simplifies the project process and delivers a coordinated, comprehensive solution.

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