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As your business grows, demands on the IT network increase, and with it, the physical wired and wireless infrastructure is impacted. 

Resulting changes can range from simple, new cable runs to a full wired or wireless infrastructure remodel that supports connecting your people to their technology. In either case, knowledgeable, trained staff are essential to identifying logical and physical needs, designing the best configuration and implementing the necessary changes and performance testing.  Post project completion, maintaining the newly installed infrastructure is an ongoing task. Like many companies and customers, you may find that having your own IT staff keep up with all aspects of cable infrastructure standards, technologies, and facility changes is a huge, costly task which can also delay other core business projects.

Service Overview

CC&N simplifies connections between people and technology. By drawing on our design, implementation, and management expertise from all of our product and services teams, we bring depth and a wide range of skills and resources. Our pool of knowledge allows us to address needs well beyond the span of other competitors or often beyond our customers’ internal implementation resources.

Services Provided

  • Extensive hands-on skills and design support by network infrastructure technicians and engineering specialists.
  • Team staffing methodology to deliver multiple skill and resource requirements for each infrastructure and communication implementation project.
  • Dedicated, on-site Cabling, Fiber and Wireless installation services for IT network, data center and new application projects.
  • Project Management and “feet-on-the street” support.
  • Data, Voice and Video Communications coordination and device deployment
  • Onsite and ongoing infrastructure management and moves/adds/changes support programs.

Benefits of Working with CC&N / Expertise, Experience, & Innovation

CC&N 24 hour service

Your Project. Our Staff. Your Success!

CC&N’s Enterprise Account Services offers a fresh, custom approach to onsite IT team support that simplifies the project process and delivers a coordinated, comprehensive solution. Whether your project requires hands-on skills, design expertise or special integration and termination assistance, we supply resources to address your network infrastructure challenges, including those that are unique or tough issues.

Implementation Professionals “Smart Hands & Feet”

Our flexibility, the variety of skills we can provide, and our “completeness of solution” greatly simplifies the process of connecting your employees or customers to the technology they depend on. Some of the aspects of our support programs that our customer's value include:

Customized Implementation Solutions

We gear our approach to the customer’s environment, the needs of their internal staff, and their planned vision.

Single Position or Multiple-Resource Teams

We focus on supplying the correct CC&N resources to meet your requirements.

Our Promise

At CC&N, we pride ourselves on being a partner you can rely on.

Always There. Always on Time. Always on Budget.

Customized Solutions

Our Enterprise Account Services are geared to many industries. The document below gives examples of how CC&N’s Enterprise Account Team helped manufacturing businesses.

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