P25 trunked systems
5G Hope Hype

5G: Hope Vs. Hype

In recent months we’ve been hearing a lot about the capabilities of 5G. We’re being drawn in by the claims that 5G will completely change the world in which we live drastically and quickly.   From smart cities to self-driving cars…
WiFi 6 Certified

What is WiFi 6?

The next wave in Wi-Fi advancement is here. It promises more advanced capabilities and performance. Many new devices are already Wi-Fi 6 compatible, like the iPhone 11 series, Samsung s10 series, and Samsung Note 10 series.  So, what improvements…

Back to School: the Smart Classroom

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The way students learn is constantly changing. New technologies allow learning and teaching to be more productive and efficient. Smart Classrooms are the next wave of technological advancements in education. They create new ways to learn, allow…
Parking Structure CC&N

The Technologies that Keep Parking Structures Safe

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Safety is a top priority. We equip our homes, cars, and workplaces with cameras and alarms. We download apps and add safety features on our phones, never leaving home without them. Yet, there is a blind spot in our security measures. According…
cabling CC&N

What Type of Cable is Right for My Project?

There is no shortage of options when it comes to deciding what kind of cabling to use in your wireless solutions. It can be overwhelming to make those decisions when there are so many factors to consider. We’ve organized some information for…

Five Tips for Adapting Infrastructure to Changing Technologies

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The ever-advancing capabilities of technology offer enterprises new ways to increase efficiency and sustainability- if they are willing to build the necessary cabling infrastructure. The most successful companies will be those that use a comprehensive,…