Data Center Connectivity

Whether you are designing a new data center or upgrading your current one to new virtual needs, connectivity is key to functionality, performance, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

You planned your Data Center’s every detail, but do you have a clear plan for its connectivity strategy?  It is the strategic piece that inter-connects everything–your provider networks, your virtual servers, your SAN, your security and more.  A thoughtful connectivity design is an essential ingredient to enable efficient data center functionality, performance, reliability, and access to services by its intended users. Early planning and careful evaluation of all connectivity requirements can also produce a better ROI.

Service Overview

Careful consideration is given to such things as latency, data storage access, rack connectivity, software applications, and required redundancy between the various data center resources.  Of equal importance is ease of access– determining the best practices for connecting the end users and the external network providers. Our BICSI registered specialists have years of experience specifically in data center design and connectivity implementation. We can help you achieve the best plan for current needs as well as future growth and then, provide a meticulous implementation for your Data Center.

Services Provided

  • Connectivity Needs Assessment
  • Connectivity Engineering (Cable & Fiber)
  • Troubleshooting and Analysis
  • Migration to High Speed Network Configurations (40-100G+)
  • Cable and Fiber Infrastructure Installation
  • Ongoing Customer Support
  • Dedicated On-site Staff Support

Benefits of Working with CC&N / Expertise, Experience, & Innovation

Data cabling

Data Center Connectivity

For your data center, there are numerous options to selecting the physical cabling and fiber infrastructure components and approach. Decisions about bandwidth and capacity of the cabling as well as access to the provider network for users are critical to the service level you will deliver. Choices between pre-terminated versus custom cabinet cable must be made. An experienced and certified infrastructure professional who specializes in data center connectivity design can help you best determine what inter-resource pathways are the best for your data center.

Data Center Connectivity Planning Essentials

CC&N Helps You Optimize Cable and Connectivity through:

Capacity Planning

Determining the most efficient and flexible design to manage capacity demands.

Speed Engineering

Due diligence in planning the cable routing to achieve fast time-to-live-servers.


Planning for the future growth desired. What is needed to provide at will expansion?


Anticipating connectivity uptime despite potential interruptions in one or more legs of the data center services.

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