In-Building Cellular Repeater Systems

In recent years, the demand for cellular phones and other wireless devices has grown rapidly. With nearly 80% of cellular calls being initiated or received inside facilities, reliable cellular signal indoors is now an expectation.

You’ve probably had it happen to you.  You are inside a building and can’t get a strong signal to make or receive a call.  Blocked cell signals and dead spots can often be attributed to building limitations or green building features such as Low E windows.  Building occupants, employees, guests, and the public expect responsive coverage and frustration results when calls are lost or no access is available.  Much of the indoor cell phone call volume is business based and thus company productivity suffers.  Companies and building owners are finding it necessary to explore options offered by In-building DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems) that capture and repeat the cellular signal within facilities.  The lack of appropriate in-building wireless capability actually can put a company at a competitive disadvantage.

Service Overview

To successfully achieve indoor cellular coverage, cellular signals must be able to penetrate all areas inside of the building. Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) allow for building occupants to access cellular wireless communication coverage indoors.  CC&N’s DAS Solution team assesses the unique needs of your facility to provide indoor cell signal strength throughout your entire environment and produces a design that ensures that lines of communication remain open at all times. By implementing DAS, you eliminate the dreaded cell signal “dead spots” in your workplace, the dropped calls and the frustration of time spent searching for a stronger signal.

Services Provided

  • Pre-quote needs walk-thru and analysis
  • Project budgeting estimate
  • Site Survey – pre-qualify existing signal levels
  • Certified DAS designs – passive and active designs to meet or exceed service provider standards
  • System equipment and labor quotation
  • Carrier transmission coordination
  • System installation and commissioning
  • Service and maintenance of existing systems

Benefits of Working with CC&N / Expertise, Experience, & Innovation

DAS Drawing - In building Cellular Repeater

Simplifying a Complex Process

At CC&N, our extensive knowledge and experience helps seamlessly implement a true end-to-end cellular, signal solution to meet your facilities demands for user satisfaction, communications coverage and public safety compliance.

Effective relationships with service providers are a crucial part to our success. Macro site capacity issues can create in-building design and implementation challenges. Obtaining the needed licensing to connect DAS solutions to the service provider networks can be a challenging process and time consuming. CC&N takes on the task of negotiating and will help you attain the cellular signal licensing your facility needs.

Designing DAS - Our Strategy

Our skilled engineers are “vendor neutral” in how they approach a DAS design. They work with you to determine an accurate evaluation of needs and then match the proper system solution to your facility’s and users’ specific requirements. DAS design includes a very specific process.


CC&N determines the needs of your facility and designs a complete DAS solution customized to your business.


CC&N will work with the various cellular service providers to obtain the correct licensing so you avoid fines.


Experienced technicians will install your DAS properly and efficiently.


CC&N will test your new DAS for signal strength to be sure it satisfies your wireless network requirements.

Our Promise

At CC&N, we pride ourselves on being a partner you can rely on.

Always There. Always on Time. Always on Budget.

Relationships Built On Trust

Let our team of design and implementation specialists help you with your next cellular connectivity challenge. Discuss your needs with our team today!

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