Back to School: the Smart Classroom

The way students learn is constantly changing. New technologies allow learning and teaching to be more productive and efficient. Smart Classrooms are the next wave of technological advancements in education. They create new ways to learn, allow the possibility of more individualized schooling experiences, and provide tools to aid in the administration & safety procedures of a campus. Smart Classrooms set up both teachers and students for success.

Classroom technology gets more advanced each year. Smartboards and other interactive displays are replacing whiteboards at rapid rates. Students are given personal devices for many classes. From their own device, the teacher can observe and manage the content being viewed by each individual student using those devices in the classroom.   Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are being introduced in the classroom as well. Immersion in language classes is possible due to these technologies, allowing students to interact with either real or simulated native speakers. Students can virtually dissect frogs and get up-close views of scientific or historical sights.

Individualized learning is made more attainable by Smart Classroom Technology. With features like recorded lectures, each student can listen and relisten to course content on-demand. Smart Classrooms also have the ability to provide administrative and security features. They can include doors that only open for students and increased audio and visual security for real-time management that can be accessed on mobile devices in the event of an emergency. Smart Classrooms can be equipped to take attendance and manage classroom behaviors, allowing teachers more time to actually teach.

All these innovative features require a strong wired and wireless network. Let us help you set up your students and faculty for success.