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The Technologies that Keep Parking Structures Safe

Safety is a top priority. We equip our homes, cars, and workplaces with cameras and alarms. We download apps and add safety features on our phones, never leaving home without them. Yet, there is a blind spot in our security measures. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 1 in 10 property crimes occurs in parking structures. In addition, violent crime in parking structures is on the rise. To deter crime, structures include security fencing, basic security cameras, open or glass-enclosed staircases or elevators, and bright lighting. Is that enough? The latest safety features go above and beyond and are becoming increasingly necessary.

Parking Structure CC&N

Security Camera Analytics

A security camera system first and foremost deters crime. Crimes are less likely to be committed in areas under video surveillance. In the event there is a crime committed, there is video evidence of the event, helping law enforcement. In some cases, security camera analytics can even anticipate or alert before a crime occurs.

Panic Alert IDs/Two-Way Communication

The ability to communicate during an active situation is crucial. Panic alarms and two-way communication systems save lives. These systems allow creative communication with others, including first responders. If the situation requires silent communication, you have that option at your fingertips.

In-Building Cellular Repeater Systems

In the event of an emergency in a parking structure, a person will likely try to dial for help on a mobile device. The thick concrete floors of a parking structure can block the signal from nearby towers. In-Building Cellular Repeater Systems ensure that the signal gets through the floors making it possible for a call to be placed inside a parking structure without issue.

In-Building Public Safety Repeater Systems

Fast and reliable two-way radio signal connectivity is a vital tool for public safety personnel. Two-way radios give First Responders, such as Police, Firefighters, and EMTs, efficient and secure communication connections, allowing responders to react quickly to crisis situations. Dependable and immediate communication may require an in-building public safety radio network, especially in parking structures that tend to block signals.

In today’s world, the safety of people in your building, including parking structures, is critical. It’s important to know how to keep yourself, your staff, and your visitors safe at all times. For more information, please contact CC&N.