A Day in the Life of a CC&N Service Technician

Our Service Technicians are the best in the business. As the most experienced technicians in our workforce, they complete site surveys and assess complex cabling needs accurately. All aspects of their job require industry expertise on a day-to-day basis.

Our Service Technicians start their day reviewing the scope of the projects they are assigned. They use their knowledge and experience to assess the materials and tools required for the job as well as ensure rolling stock levels of their service vehicle. Service Technicians have a deep understanding of the types of cable, jacks, and other materials used on each customer site.

Our Service Technicians’ expertise is not limited to materials. The service they provide is rooted in a Safety Mindset. It is the first of our 5 company values – and with good reason. Safety is essential to the welfare of our employees and our customers. We understand how critical it is to think, act, and have a continual awareness of safe work practices. Whether we are working on a construction site, in a customer environment, traveling on the road, or working in one of our own facilities, the safety of all those around us is our top priority. With this value ever-present in the minds of our Service Technicians, they assess the safety requirements for their job each day. They utilize the appropriate safety equipment required for the environment they are working in. This includes high-visibility clothing, gloves, hard hat, steel-toe boots, safety glasses, safety cones, infection control carts, and more. Additionally, our Service Technicians receive site-specific safety training.

Once they have prepared for their day, our technicians depart for their job sites. They meet with the site contact and discuss the scope of work for the job. They gain access to data closets and any other necessary locations. Our Service Technicians often have close relationships with our customers as they are the front-line contact for CC&N and routinely visit the same customers. The projects they work on are fast-paced and dynamic. Our Service Technicians are trained professionals empowered to respond to moves, adds and changes on-site in real-time.

At this point in the day, the service technician is ready to install cabling or wireless systems. Our service technicians are leaders in the field. Although not all service jobs require a second set of hands, when the situation presents itself, our service technicians have the ability to lead a team of technicians with varying skill levels to complete the assigned work, above expectation. Whether alone or with their team, they place, terminate, test, label, and troubleshoot, if needed, the wired or wireless infrastructures we install. The Service technicians will take time to share their industry knowledge with their team. Ensuring a professional installation and expanding the skillset of their coworkers.

Field positionsAfter the work is complete, the service technician cleans up the site, restoring it to its original condition, takes pictures of the work they performed, reviews the installation with the site contact, and receives a signature on the work order, verifying completion. If necessary, they will set up a return visit for any additional work. Service Technicians will then check in with the project manager to hand off deliverables (test results, as-builts, and pictures), and review work for the following day.

CC&N offers professional expertise from beginning to end. Our Service Technicians are the best in class and it shows in their work. Do you think you have what it takes to be part of our team of professionals? Apply today!